• COURAGE - "The pinning ceremony is a way to honor a veteran while he's still alive. It brought him back in that moment. We didn't even know a pinning ceremony was available." -Debbie Graham, speaking about her father-in-law, Clyde Graham
  • COMPASSION - "I treat everyone the same. I talk to my patients, whether they respond or not and tell them everything we're doing to them. It's very gratifying just knowing that you've helped in that transition." ~Cynthia Kennedy, Registered Nurse, Hospice of St. Francis Care Center
  • COURAGE - "The nurse that was here the night he passed away was the most compassionate person. I don't know how they did it but they certainly helped me get through it." ~Joyce McGill, speaking about her husband Kenneth
  • COMFORT - "I think it is very important that a locally-owned option is available to people, because we can make a lot more independent choices for our patients." ~Kim Rodriguez, Board Member, Hospice of St. Francis
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Hospice of St. Francis—Brevard’s longest-serving, and only independent, non-profit hospice care resource. Founded in 1977, Hospice of St. Francis continues to meet the community need for higher levels of care, understanding, and compassion for patients nearing the end of their lives.

If you have questions about how Hospice of St. Francis might be able to help you or your family member, we invite you to call. We want you to know that any question you have is a good question.

Do you question yourself about whether you are making the right end-of-life decisions for your parent or loved one?

Recent hospice reports Reuters Health and CBS News outline the results of surveys from families making the same decisions. We have posted these articles on our website. You can read the full articles here.


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