Cynthia Kennedy quoteHospice of St. Francis uses a team approach to provide patients and their loved ones with physical, emotional and spiritual care as they face life’s ultimate challenge.

Our work begins with a carefully developed plan of care. Our team meets and works with the patient and family to develop the plan, which is based on discussions about:
  • the hospice philosophy of care;
  • services;
  • comfort levels;
  • expectations,
  • Advance Directives,
  • the patient’s support system;
  • medication and equipment needs;
  • and financial and insurance resources.

The plan is reviewed at each visit to make any revisions based on patient or family needs. Volunteer services and bereavement support for the patient’s family are part of the Plan.

The Hospice Team

Patients nearing end-of-life and their families find comfort and benefit from Hospice of St. Francis’s care-focused nursing and hospice aide services.

Hospice nursing services include:

  • Creating a plan of care based on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient.
  • Coordinating all care for the patient in collaboration with the caregiving team and other healthcare providers involved in the care.
  • Using their specialized training, knowledge and experience to support and educate the patient, family, and caregivers.

Hospice aide services include:

  • Assisting with the personal care for the patient, such as bathing, dressing, skin care and nail care.
  • Other services, such as light homemaking services

Seeing to the emotional and psychological needs of our patients and their families is a Hospice of St.Francis priority. The social workers provide a variety of services, including:

  • Providing and assisting with the non-medical concerns of the patient and their family
  • Assist with completing Advance Directives
  • Crisis intervention

Your Hospice of St. Francis team includes a chaplain who provides spiritual care, whatever your faith. Spiritual care is just one aspect of how Hospice of St. Francis cares for patients and supports their loved ones. The chaplain is trained to guide and teach patients and their families about quality of life at the end of life through a listening presence and a loving heart.

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