for Families

CompassionAll of us want to make life better, for ourselves and for our loved ones. We want to do meaningful things. We all hope that when the time comes for us to need support, compassion and care, someone supportive, compassionate and caring will help us face that challenge.

These are never needed more than at end-of-life, a time of extraordinary emotions, demands and feelings.  Hospice of St. Francis enables people to encounter end-of-life free of pain, in dignity, as we care for patients and support their families.

If you are considering hospice for a family member or loved one, Hospice of St. Francis wants you to know that when you need us, we can become part of the support system for you and your family.

CourageIt takes courage to have a conversation about end of life choices for a loved one. If you have questions about how Hospice of St. Francis might be able to help, we invite you to call. We want you to know, any question you have is a good question.

We invite you to use the resource links provided here to research and educate yourself about hospice along with learning more about the services and programs we have available to support your family and loved one.

When you need to talk, call 866-269-4240 or 321-269-4240, email