for Patients

ComfortThe support you get in life is an important decision, especially when you are in need of palliative care, a new way of dealing with the stresses and symptoms that you are experiencing. Here at Hospice of St. Francis we focus on your needs to give you the best end-of-life care available, and focus on your wants and needs at a difficult time in your life. Striving to make the process as pain free and dignified as possible, we work with our patients to respect their wishes and look after all of their needs.

CompassionWorried about losing your current care providers? At Hospice of St. Francis we work with your current care providers and physicians to create a support system that can help you to get the support your need during your time of need through palliative care. Combined with our 24/7 staff care we are able to create a level of support not available without hospice care.

CourageIt takes courage to have a conversation about end of life choices. If you have questions about how Hospice of St. Francis might be provided for you, we invite you to call. We want you to know, any question you have is a good question. With just one phone call you can create a palliative care support network that works for you.

We invite you to use the resource links provided here to research and educate yourself about hospice along with learning more about the services and programs we have available to support you and your family.

When you need to talk, call 866-269-4240 or 321-269-4240, email