North Star for Children Program

  • When a loved one dies, children grieve differently.
  • When a loved one dies, children grieve differently. North Star helps.
  • When a loved one dies, children grieve differently. North Star helps children, teens and families heal.

The grieving process is as difficult for children as it is for adults.  We can help.

Our North Star for Grieving Children program helps children and teens cope with the heartache caused by the death of someone they care about.   Our program provides a safe, child-centered place for kids to share their feelings and questions about their loss.  Through the use of children’s books, healing art activities, peer support and the guidance of a Master’s level grief counselor, your child will find a sense of understanding,  belonging and acceptance, and will learn coping skills that will help them adjust to life after their loss.

When a child is grieving, the whole family is affected.  We will support you.

Parents may be worried about their grieving child, or may be struggling with their own feelings about the loss.  Our North Star program includes parent/guardian learning groups that focus on helping the whole family navigate the difficult journey that begins when a death occurs.

Children need support that meets their developmental level.  We provide this.

We offer groups for children ages 4 through 18, as well as a young adults group.  All of our groups are staffed by professional counselors and trained volunteers.

All of our North Star programs are offered free of charge to any child in Brevard County.    An intake meeting is required prior to a child attending group.

To learn more about the North Star program and to register for groups and activities, call Veronica McKnight, MSW, at 321-264-1687 (anytime) or toll free 866-269-4240 (M-F 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).