St. Francis Pathways to Healthcare


SFPH-rgbWant to know how to get health care advice on your options and expenses?

The St. Francis Pathways to Healthcare are an experienced team of local healthcare professionals dedicated to compassion and comfort of people facing serious illness. While the healthcare market can be confusing and difficult to navigate, we are here to help you understand exactly what you are eligible for and how you can obtain your desired level of care.

Focusing on patients and their families we are able to interact directly with caregivers, physicians and hospitals to monitor a patient’s status and work together to create a support network, allowing us to take the time to cater to each patient’s needs during their time of serious illness. This allows us to understand the unique needs and situations of patients, helping us to fulfill those needs in a custom way for each patient.

At St. Francis Pathways, we not only work in support of the person living with a serious illness, but also focus on easing some of the strain and burden caregivers have by providing a care team of support to the patient.

Most importantly Hospice of St. Francis also works through the Pathways to Healthcare program to help patients understand that their wants, needs, experiences and emotions are valid and taken into account by not just Hospice, but other physicians and hospitals in a patient’s care network.

To learn more about the St. Francis Pathways to Healthcare, our care line is open 24/7 at (321) 360-3550. Or find out more on our website at