VGo Telehealth

Jack VGo quote | Acute Care Center | Hospice of St. FrancisHospice of St. Francis uses new technology at The Edward M. Poe Hospice Care Center to help families visit loved ones.

When the family members live far away, face-to-face visits can become difficult to arrange. Hospice of St. Francis has tried to ease this burden by adopting a robotic communication system called VGo. This system ensures that all family members, even those in other states, can make their final visit with a patient in any of the Care Center’s 12 suites.

VGo Telehealth installation and usage instructions:VGo Telehealth | remote facetime | Hospice of St. Francis Acute Care Center

To connect to the VGO Telehealth robot, you must first install the VGo app.
The app is available to Windows, Mac, and iPad users.
Windows and Mac users must have a webcam installed and enabled. If you do not have a webcam, you can still use the app, but it will be an audio-only call.
iPad users must have a 2nd Generation iPad or later, or an iPad Mini.

Please select the software installation that meets your hardware from the list below:

Windows users: Download Now
Mac users: Download Now

iPad users (OS version 6.0 – 7.1.2): Download Now
iPad users (OS 8.0 or later): Download Now

On Windows PC, if you get a pop-up window that says “An unidentified program wants access to your computer,” click on ALLOW to continue. The download and install are complete when the popup windows close and you have this shortcut icon on your desktop:

vgoicon Once VGo App is installed,
Open the VGo App by clicking on the icon.  You will login with the account given to by by our staff.