You Decide Which Hospice to Use.

It’s your right.Choices image_mom and daughter

Don’t let anyone take your choice away.

When hospice care is needed, it is your legal right to select the hospice provider you feel will be the best fit.

The excerpt that follows taken from the Hospital Federal Conditions of Participation clearly states the patients rights:

The hospital, as part of the discharge planning process, must inform the patient or the patient’s family of their freedom to choose among participating Medicare providers of posthospital care services and must, when possible, respect patient and family preferences when they are expressed. The hospital must not specify or otherwise limit the qualified providers that are available to the patient.

It’s your choice.
This is an important decision. All hospice providers are not the same. Selecting the right hospice provider for your particular situation will allow you to receive care that works for you and your family. You and those you love need to be the ones who decide.

At the links that follow, you may learn more about Hospice of St. Francis and the types of support that we offer our patients, families and loved ones.  


Make a call.
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We would be honored to stand beside you and support you throughout this journey.